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  1. Wow, I knew had your quirks, but you’re actually just a cocksucker. I wonder what happened in your childhood, did your sweetheart leave you for a ‘North Indian’, whatever the fuck that is?

    Curd Rice must great lubrication for your anus.

  2. I guess you were just joking.

    “would” is alright here.
    (though not the “I would come to dinner tonight” which is downright funny.)

    PS: What is this “Law of Conservation of H?”

  3. Here is where this madness started. Personally speaking I think this is just a ruse of people inhabiting south of Vindhayas to spit upon people inhabiting north of Vindhayas. Shameful !

  4. Sabnis, Marathis don’t say “th”,(though they do say “vh” instead of “v”) that is because they have been brainwashed by Aryan agents, so all in all your Dravidian cred has been compromised.

  5. Tons of people in Chennai use would incorrectly. Even the ones who went to “prestigious” schools. So its not a North Indian habit.

  6. I dont claim any Dravidian cred. I just claim south-of-vindhyas cred. And if you want to club Marathis with North Indians, you should talk to my friends Raj T and Balu T.

  7. One can force family rules in the family only and not outside in the locality, and so force your regional rules in your region only and do not try to make it global or even national.

    Is english is your mother tongue? No. So when countries/people whose mother tongue is enligh did not feel the need to introduce the extra Hs you keep adding everywhere, then you too dont try to make your own rules and apply to a language thats foreign. English is not a language where words are spelled exactly as pronounced. You know that.

    The biggest irony is: if your theory is to be believed then the way the word “tamil” is pronounced, it should have been “thamil”. Isnt it? Dont you pronounce tamil with the soft t? tamil, the t is as in Sunita and not as in Tom. Thats what I have heard from tamilians, they are tamilians and not ‘T’amilians.

    Another one: Why dont you spell Sanskrit as SanskritH? You boast of deriving your languages from Sanskrit. Isnt it? Or do you pronounce it SanskriT? I dont think so. There are many more example like this. So stop discovering ways to correct the english language.

    Moreover, to all from the state of AP: STOP PRONOUNCING “H” as “HECH”.

  8. Oh, I was trying to be too smart, apparently “Dravida” means south of Vindhayas in sanskrit. Someone who knows may confirm it.

  9. People from North Karnataka are not keen about the conservation of H. We do conserve it in names: shankaranand, shivanand, shivaputrappa; lalita, sunita, sanket. But, we need a surplus of H’s otherwise: shystem, shecond, shimple and so on. And we don’t pronounce it as ‘hech’. We are South Indians and all, but still..

  10. People from North Karnataka are not really Dravidians, they have been compromised by Marathi agents, anyday Belgam will rise in revolt and join Aryavrata.

  11. No, with ‘zh’.

    Which is neither ‘h’ nor ‘hech’. In fact, it’s not anything you know — since that is unique to the language. It’s somewhere inbetween l and h, with ‘za’ in front. Don’t worry, when we conquer your land, you will be forced to say it or your tongues will be cut.

  12. To pronounce “zh” you have to semi swallow the tongue. Why people can’t use “l”, I have no idea, anyway thank god for Aryan Invasion.

  13. Do you speak thelugu? And do you pronounce ‘Thamizh’ starting with as you would start ‘Thanks’? The correct way to spell is ‘Tamiz’ if you want to spell the hindi/urdu word in english at all.

    And yes, you dream too much. Stop watching regional movies and stop trolling the forums too, for you are getting violent now 😀

    I know the ‘L’ as an infinity sign with a vertical line in marathi, while pronouncing the tongue rolls inside a lil bit. I know that maharashtrians sometimes pronouce Xerox as JHEROX where as it should be zerox.

  14. Gaurav Sabnis @ 8:30 – No it is not the same, but it is true that in the Kannadiga versions of those unpronounceable Thamizh words, that sound is used.

  15. What Gaurav Sabnis is talking about is the one that we transliterate as ‘La’ in Kannada and Marathi. The ‘zh’ is different. If I am not mistaken, Thamizh has all three: ‘la’, ‘La’ and ‘zh’.

  16. Sanket, that is correct.

    In fact, that’s a standard test that people administer to check someone’s ability to speak Tamil.

  17. What? no venom spewed after the first comment? No overt regional hatred? No generalizations about colour of skin, body odour, length of male reproductive organ or desirability or otherwise of women? This is getting boring…

    I suspect the ‘zh’ is pronounced a little like ‘La’, but with a little more air blown over the rolled up tongue. Anybody point me to an audio clip of that pronunciation? Thanks…

  18. This blogpost opened me up to new facets of the Indian blogosphere. Wow! Just wow!

    Thanks (I guess)

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