An Idea

Your vote should be weighted by your actuarial life expectancy. So, if you are a 25 year old person  and your current life expectancy is 50 (more) years, then your vote should be multiplied by 50. If you are 65 years old and your life expectancy is only 20 more years, your vote will carry that much less weight.

Minors too should have weighted votes, to be exercised by one of their parents till the minor turns 18.

9 thoughts on “An Idea

  1. I realize this is mostly academic, but I don’t think that allowing parents to vote as proxy of children will have any positive effect, in fact it may even have a negative effect. Also taxation should taken into account to further refine the actuarial formula.

  2. LKY also proposed age-weighted votes once, though he underweighted the votes of everyone below twenty five and over sixty five – I don’t remember the exact ages.

    Allowing parents to vote for their children will discriminate against the childless and the Kansa Society shall oppose it ferociously.

  3. Kansa Society flippancy apart, this idea will send right wing dumbheads crying up and down about how this gives Muslims disproportionate votes thanks to their large families.

    And theoretically you could use this to game the system by having lots of kids.

    I realise that practically this will not happen, but I still dislike the idea – I am uncomfortable with parents using their children to further their own political ends. Richard Dawkins would probably call it child abuse.

  4. In fact, making the weight extend all the way to birth makes a lot of sense.

    After all, as you gain greater perspective you will lose ability to exercise it. Which, is ironic and cool.

  5. a) One could game the system by having more kids.
    b) Carried to a theoretical conclusion, the process could end up in the forced killing of senior citizens with their assets being donated to charity or carted away by the government. There may be enough young people in India currently who may want to vote for this to happen.

    The outcomes from this would merely be a function of the population demographics at the time of any given vote / referendum. Or am I thinking incorrectly here?

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